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teeth Whitening

let your smile do all the talking with our teeth whitening service. This service takes 

$65 | 30 mins 

Up to 3shades lighter

$100 | 1 hour 

Up to 5 shades

*Whitening varies per client due to how stained their teeth are. 


OMG Beauty Studio uses 44% CPL gel 

Our techniques are Non invasive and there is little to no sensitivity after your session. Sessions should be every 2 weeks. Results last longer by having proper aftercare and by minimizing your intake of dark liquids that stain the teeth. 


Fluoride stains (white spots in your teeth) are irreversible meaning you will see splotches of white in your teeth due to having too much fluoride intake from your dentist and or liquid intake with fluoride. *We can lighten as much as possible in sessions. 


Please note: Porcelain teeth and or dentures/caps/fills 

cannot be whitened only natural teeth

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